Imagine Music is leading the way in transforming the modern day music lesson, right here in Ogden, Utah!


Our Mission

Imagine Music is on a mission to change the course of the traditional music lesson through imagination. Our goal is simple: Engage Our Students. This mantra of ours beats like a drum and permeates our entire approach. Imagine Music recognizes that it is indeed, the student that comes first. Not a lesson program developed by a teacher 10 years ago and not a book written 40 years ago. We aim to provide music lesson for the generation of today! Our missions is to transform every child, teenager and adult to see music differently, and to realize that they to have the ability to play and create their own.

“David has been teaching acoustic guitar lessons to my granddaughter, Alyssa, for the past year and a half. He is a truly gifted artist. It’s amazing to me how she can pick a song and he can pull up the song on his IPod and then write the music for her. Alyssa can play the’s awesome!!! And she gets better and evolves more each day!! Dave is kind, professional, and can relate to any one of any age on their level.
I would recommend him to anyone...HIGHLY!!”
— Grandparent of a 3 year student

What We've Achieved

  • Transformed traditional lessons experience.
  • Breathed fresh life back into the music lessons experience.
  • Shared a deep breadth of musical knowledge with countless budding musicians.
  • Proven to children and adults that they have the capability to create their very own music.


  • Co-Wrote, produced and recorded award winning songs with students.
  • Garnered the most impressive teaching staff Norther Utah has ever seen.