Welcome to the Imagine Blog! 

Hi I'm David Owen, founder of Imagine Music...welcome to our blog! I've decided to start this blog in order share more about our "Local Famous" company and shed a little light on what makes Imagine Music and our students so successful. We think theres a big difference in how music lessons are approached and we decided to Re-Imagine them! Tired of the old "One-Size-Fits-All" method, we redesigned music lessons from the ground up. After years of thought, trial & error, detailed research and passionate conversations, we finally found the secret ingredient needed to grow successful students...build a custom music lessons program around what THEY want to learn! Boom. There it is...the secret is out! We've found that the main driver for any student learning any instrument is harnessing their excitement. Excitement leads to practice and practice leads to enjoyment...which leads to more excitement...and the cycle has begun! At Imagine Music, we've hired the absolute best teachers in Northern Utah, who are passionate about getting you and/or your kids excited about music! If you're reading about us for the first time and are considering music lessons, we'd love the opportunity to work with your family...we think out 250+ weekly students would agree in that you've come to the right place!